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Maritime Solutions on mobile and Desktop

Mobile | Tablet | Desktop: Amplify Mindware's "Smart Ship platform" for ship owners and charters.

Innovative and easy to use digital solution with core all core functions including Crew, Voyage, Dry Dock, Quality Systems, Document Management, Ship performance, Check list, Consumption and more. “Smart Ship” enables customization as per Specific requirements of shipping carriers and ship managers.

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Maritime Enterprise Solution

Maritime Enterprise Solution

Maritime Enterprise Solution and services assists in effective management of the ships and entire range of Activities around it. Selective information can be made available depending upon user categories.

  • Interactive business dashboard
  • Browser based application
  • Mobile Apps
  • Easily deployable for Tankers, Bulkers, Containers Onsite and Offshore support
  • Best practices
  • Enables effective decision making

Fleet Status

Information update on every possible information about the ships aimed at ship owners and Fleet managers. Single point information platform that replaces traditional spreadsheets and multiple document sets. Real time tracking of vessels including various status updates:

  • Voyage update
  • Vessel Performance
  • Cargo update
  • Noon Report
  • Plotting Way Points
  • ETA Connected to HO
  • Consolidated MIS
  • Smart chart
  • Vessel specific Data analytics
Fleet Status
Business dashboard

Business dashboard

Information generated from various sources during, before and after a voyage is smartly captured and presented through easy to understand Dashboard. Aimed at Senior management and decision makers, the Business Dashboard is one of the most critical tool available for Ship owners and fleet managers.

  • Dynamic Vessel reports (including down time)
  • Planned and Unplanned maintenance
  • Project Vs. Actual earnings
  • Trend Analysis
  • Dry Dock Analytics
  • Budget Deviations
  • Utilization
  • Exception reports from all Vessels
  • Impact of currencies on any date
  • Banking & Financial Updates
  • Onboard and On shore Employee updates

Maritime Personnel

Bringing onboard crew members and rest of employees on a platform for streamlined manpower operations is now made effective with Maritime Personnel Module. Access all information of fleet personnel on vessel along with information including:

  • Biodata
  • Certifications
  • Current and Past Voyage Information
  • Experience & Salary details
  • Trainings attended Coordination with Onshore Personnel
  • Vessel Vs. Personnel dynamic report
Maritime Personnel
Inspection and check list

Inspection & check list

Aimed at all kind of audit requirements and compliances that shipping industry must go through, this module address all such needs. Dedicated access available for every vessel as well as for the entire enterprise, the modules include:

  • Vessel Check list
  • Anchorage procedure
  • Audit requirements
  • All quality check list documents
  • Passage Planning formalities Record book
  • Log Files
  • Self Assessment

Daily Consumption Update

Dedicated dashboard for leadership and departmental heads to track costs, daily consumption and reports on critical Incidences. This unique module enables information on core functional areas of the ship domain and enable effective decision making. Few of the key features include live updates on:

  • Materials
  • Fuel
  • Spare parts
  • Dry Dock Expenses and Comparatives
  • Requisition raised for each vessel
  • Non Compliance Observed and recommended actions
  • Incidence reporting
  • Port activities
Daily Consumption Update
Smart Ship IOT services

Smart Ship IOT services

The power of Internet of Things is enabling ship owners and managers bring in substantial operational as well as cost benefits in the business. Amplify’s Smart Ship IOT helps through setting up:

  • Continuous tracking
  • Easy Port Operations
  • Material Handling
  • Preventive Maintenance of Ships
  • Smart sensors and gateways

Document Management Platform

Collaborative Document management: highly intuitive and interactive system, helps in setting up systematic approach to manage documents, control versions, share documents across multiple users and yet maintain a true copy, reduce idle time of vessel at port. Key features include:

  • Managing Agreement, Contracts, Policy documents
  • Document co Authoring, review & approval
  • Audit, Alerts & Archiving
  • Record storage & Disposal
  • Digital Signature , Role based users
  • Scanning
  • Drag and Drop Folder structure
  • Search and host of other enterprise features …
Document Management Platform
Smart Vessel
Smart Vessel

Sensors for Vessel Maintenance, Cargo tracking, port operations

Blockchain for Shipping
Blockchain for Shipping

Smart contracts (terms of trade), Bill of lading, Procure to pay

Shipping Digital solutions
Digital Solutions

Streamline operations, enhance asset utilization, rich customer experience