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Amplify Mindware Academy For Development Of Education & Research (AMADER) is group of institutions evolved from the long felt need for a international class “Corporate University” in India. The promoters & founding members of the institution are some of the best practioners from corporate & academia. They visualized the need for a skilled & competent professional human capital for the emerging national economy.

The promoters recognized the need for localization of global business environment & the rising need for an inclusive education strategy that augments the national human capital. Amplify Mindware commits itself to the cause of seeking wisdom instead of intelligence & focus on “knowing” instead of knowledge through innovative pedagogical methods.

Col. Vijay Kaushik

“Education enables you to become a complete human being.”
In a rapidly globalizing environment IT and Management continue to play a vital role. At the rate at which business interests are growing in India, there will be a significant shortfall in trained man power in years to come.

We, at Amplify, have dedicated ourselves to the task of producing experts in technology with more than adequate management skills. We also impart language skills and other personality development skills to make you a sought after product by the industry.

Join us and help us to fulfill your dreams. Let us bridge the gap between your dreams and reality

Joy Basu

Nurturing youth to build global managers
As Director & CEO of BVDU Amplify - Department of Information Technology & Management (DITM), I am very pleased to welcome all of you to our campus, and look forward to the day which would be devoted especially to you — a day to help you discover BVDU Amplify DITM. Through your college choice, you are about to make a very pivotal decision about your future. When you choose BVDU Amplify DITM, you become part of a long and rich tradition of academic excellence, discovery and innovation, entrepreneurship, and creative expression. During the last 40+ years of BVDU’s existence, it has created business leaders, visionaries and forged precious relationships with the industry across the world. This is a unique model where the institution takes lead in training & handholding the industry created mutual opportunities for the University & the Industry. Such initiatives include:

  • Training more than 50% of HSBC Global Technology Center’s employees (recruits)
  • Training & hand holding more than 90% of Deutsche Telecom’s employees
  • Creating resource competencies, training contents for Capgemini, China
  • Training more than 4000 professionals from Wipro, TCS, HP, CDAC, Kanbay etc. on bleeding edge technologies

In joining BVDU Amplify DITM, you are becoming part of a rich history of producing the leaders & industry professionals who have shaped — and who are shaping — our world. That means if you have an interest in this emerging, and engaging field you will have an opportunity, through our Skill enhancement programs, Industry alliance programs, to work with leading professionals & professors at Amplify. Amplify is an Institution of high expectations -- and yet, we know that expectations cannot be met on the grounds of expediency -- rather our actions must be measured by the threshold of excellence and ethics…and guided by priority and balance. This is also is an exciting time to be a young person embarking on a college career. The world is rapidly changing. We are in a time that The New York Times writer Thomas Friedman calls "Globalization 3.0." Mr. Friedman believes that "The past 20 years were about forging, sharpening, and distributing all the new tools to collaborate and connect. Now the real information revolution is about to begin, as all the complementarities among those collaborative tools start to converge." We offer that kind of a world here at BVDU Amplify DITM.

Education & Training at Amplify will prepare you to be leaders in this turbocharged world and bring out the leaders, managers, entrepreneurs in each of you with vision, with knowledge, and with imagination. At Amplify, we teach & encourage every one to ask one basic question: "Why not change the world?" And, it is a challenge which has been taken on by thousands of Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University graduates and Post Graduates since inception.

On behalf of the Institution, I invite you all and challenge you: How will you change the world? I invite you to discover the answer to that question here, at BVDU Amplify DITM.