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Method of Instruction

Case studies is a widely adopted teaching methodology.

At Amplify, case studies are used as a primary tool for all courses ranging from Bachelors, Masters to MBA programs. Case study based methodology also includes: Effective Role Play, Situation Based Analysis, Business Simulation and case project based decision making.

At Amplify Mindware, Case studies are also analyzed keeping in mind 2 basic approaches : Causal & Effectual reasoning. Causal reasoning defines the end goal well before the project is initiated. How ever Effectual reasoning allows the student to define their own goal and there by tune them into better decision making process. Such approach allows students to hone their reasoning & decision making skills.

The effort is to make about 50% of the course to be driven by case studies that includes real life scenarios and business simulation from Local, Indian & International cases. At Amplify the emphasis is largely on Local & Indian cases which allows students to relate better to the entire process and get active personal involvement on the subject. In addition, select international case studies are also used in the process.

Till about a year back, most of the case studies were borrowed from various sources. How ever starting 2009, Amplify has started compiling its own case studies & business cases. These are done actively by the Directors & Deans at the institute.

Amplify has undertaken the process of compiling case studies, business cases, white papers & references from across the globe ( including Indian cases) in a CBT & E learning format. This is the first time that such a large scale project is being undertaken for Higher Education in India( within the boundaries of defined curriculum). Students will be required to study such cases well in advance before coming to class, and the pedagogy allows them to discuss/role play the case during the teaching process.